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official communications

BSG LiveWireless
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Good afternoon, everyone.

This is an official notice to remind you that LiveWireless is for official Colonial Colonist notices only. Only those people associated with the fleet will be able to communicate over LiveWireless. (Please remember this, Dualla.)

If you have any problems, or comments, please contact deadwireless for help and assistance. They're happy to assist you and listen to your concerns.

All posts will be monitored for appropriateness of content and language (here's looking at you, topgun1111). Remember, we are a military organization, and we're looking to run things smoothly. Again, any problems should be referred to deadwireless.

For your convienence, here is a list of current members and their user names:

Any names with vulgarities or inappropriate suggestable material will be banned from the wireless. deadwireless will be approving all new members, but for now, due to broadband restrictions, we are restricting membership to those already joined. Any comments from non-members should be referred to and will be welcomed at deadwireless.

Please keep posting etiquette in mind. We will delete posts as deemed necessary.

Thank you, and please enjoy LiveWireless.

- Cmdr Lee Adama, CAG