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Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that i am okay and i'm sorry if i missed anything! I slit some guards' throats and bashed down a wall with my forehead had some free time and i was really hungry, so i went to the mess to go find some oreos, and then i got locked in the meat freezer! Apparently they don't have doorknobs inside! It really sucked but i am okay because i am made of metal i have a pretty high tolerance for cold.

ANYWAY i wanted to make a post about it to thank col. tigh for finding me! While i was in the freezer, i thought about how i might be locked in there forever and never see my beautiful helo again, and i started to cry and cry, and col. tigh thought it might be a puppy and he opened the door. Sorry i wasn't a puppy, col. tigh. I hope you and billy have fun on your puppy-finding expeditions in the future. Thanks so much!

xoxox Sharon

I'm all ready to turn the cylons over to airlockluvr and i_pwns_you for airlocking, on intelligence gathered by exxxclusivenews, and now I find out it was all just some comedy of errors!

I demand to know how these errors happened!
see, we TOLD you we were innocent!
we love you anyway!
don't look at me! my data was totally objective.
some of your recent behavior has made me suspicious, D'Anna. not to mention the way you talk to the cylons telepathically when you think I can't hear you. so I did some investigating.

if you look at the poll answers, you'll see that sonotevil was the last to vote for Six and Eight as the culprits. now, if she actually just got locked in the freezer looking for oreos, why would she do that? either she's lying, or somebody tampered with the intelligence...
hey, I didn't vote for them either! I love cylons!
me either, dude! sonotacylon and xx_luvrgrrl_xx are HOTTT.
well, it looks like we have a saboteur on our hands. who has access to community logins?
oh noes! first Dee is dumping me, and now THIS!

only lwl_techsupport knows the passwords, scout's honor!
pull yourself together, son!

Puhkar Pushkar? who is this mysterious yet helpful stranger???
wait, I'd know that accomodating, competant tone anywhere...

fine, you caught me! AGAIN!

this may be hard for you to hear, Laura, but exxxclusivenews and I are in love. she is the only one who lets me express my deepest, most unscrupulous self!
they didn't even need my help this time! they really should have let *me* tally the votes.
how could you do this to me, Tory? we were plotting a coup together -- I thought we had something special!

and did you ever wonder WHY exxxclusivenews wanted you to FRAME THE CYLONS???
you see Laura, these career women will just break your heart! if you had just stayed home and cuddled with me and Isis like I begged you to, you would have been so happy!
dont listen 2 the schmoopy mom, Miss Roslin -- shell onlee tie u down!!!

id nvr btray u -- i do evrything u say! n im not a lesbo HO liek topgun_eleventy!!!!!!
frak! now we have to go round up some more civs to execute.
aw, I wish it had been a puppy!
me too, Billy, me too.