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dude, like anyone cares about stupid boyslash!!! all u fruity mcfruitz can go write all the boyslash u want in ur little gay sekrit society where u dont have 2 read about PUSSY. the real problem around here is str8 guyz who try 2 write girlslash!!! their stories r not about grrrlz at all, cuz they have multiple orgasms if u just touch them, and r a big fat MALE FANTASY. let me show u how its done, SUCKAZ!!!!!!!!!

The Adventures of Admiral Pain (comes after Dog Pwns Everyone)
by Kat
betaed by i_pwns_you

So, all the hot girls (except Lara!) were living together in a lesbo commune and having orgies. One day Gee knocked on their door. Dog said, "Go away, Gee, no boys are allowed here!" Gee said, "I need to have a threesome with my girlfriend!" She was living in the commune too, because she's hot. And once you go Dog, you never go back! Dog said, "STFU Gee, everyone knows you're a fruity mcfruit." Then Gee said, "I brought Admiral Pain!" Well, Admiral Pain is a really awesome person to have around a lesbo commune, so Dog let them in. "I thought you were having kinky buttsex with Lara, Admiral Pain?" said Dog. "Lara is all emo, so I got bored," said Admiral Pain. "Then Gee asked me to have kinky buttsex with him. I told him he had to bring me here to visit President Gosling. We have overcome our differences and now share many of the same hobbies and interests." Dog said, "Go be all emo with Lara, Gee, and talk to i_am_gayta about the buttsex thing" and kicked him out. Then she took off all her clothes. Admiral Pain and President Gosling bit her all over her hot body. Then Admiral Pain beat her ass with a belt while she licked President Gosling's juicy pussy real good. Then Admiral Pain frakked Dog with a giant dildo while President Gosling pinched her hard nipples. Then President Gosling frakked Admiral Pain while she choked Dog until she couldn't breathe (but she liked it). Then Admiral Pain frakked Lory and the weepy mom and the cylons too, but they couldn't take it like Dog. The end.

OK, plz tell me if you liked it LOL!!!!!
IT'S i_am_gaylactica!!!
Kat, dear, I'm very concerned about the growing scism between lesbians and gay men in this community.
i get along real good with gay men, Miss Roslin! galactica_cag is liek my BFF!!! and see, im workin on my spelling!
hahaha totally true! i don't like mossy grottos, but if i did, i would totally like yours, kitty-kat! ;)
don't knock it till you've tried it, babe! c'mon and bring it -- i_pwns_you says I'm allowed.
OK, first you keep calling me fat, then you won't have a threesome with me, and now you're going around propositioning girls! DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?????????
face it, Lee, all the passion has gone out of our relationship. it's like lesbian bed death! all you want to do is eat noodles and talk about the decor of our tent with i_am_gayta!

how can you do this to me, after all the lip gloss I bought you on the black market?!? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

topgun1111, HOLD ME!
I still think you smell nice! and I never eat noodles.
i'm sorry, billy, but i can tell your heart belongs to puppies. we are just not meant to be.

(kat, do u have my number?)
but, I'm not gay!

am I?

i totally read the SAME STOREY in a BOOK (yes stfu i know how 2 read books) back on caprica!!!!!! YOU ARE A PLAGARIZER!!11!! i dunno the title of the book or who wrote it because i bet the cylosn burned all of em or something but I KNOW THAT YOU ARE A PLAGARIZER AND SHOULD BE BLAKLISTED FROM LIVEWIRELESS.