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I was inspired by the President's very honest, very creative writing, and so I've decided to write something too.

Um, this is all fiction, of course, even though there is a character named Dee who looks just like Dee, and also a character named Laura Roslin who looks just like Former President Roslin.

One day, Dee decided to take a trip to New Caprica even though the Galactica had jumped away a long time ago. When she stepped onto the planet, it was sunny and all of the mud dried up and flowers grew. Dee was the most beautiful girl on all of New Caprica! She had very pretty lip gloss and smelled like berries. Everybody came out of their tents to see the beautiful weather that Dee had made with her beauty, and puppies came running to Dee and she picked them up in her arms. And then there were rainbows! Rainbows are pretty. President Roslin was president again (sorry, President Baltar!), and she gave everybody hugs. Even me, although I died a long time ago. Everybody noticed that President Roslin's hair smelled like berries also. Girls always smell nice. The end!

I hope you liked it!
heh heh